Harbour Fun Day

Harbour Fun Day

Saturday, Feb 23rd
Upper Frank Kitts Park
 A fun day on the water for teams to get a taste of whats to come.
 Tentative race draw:

Terms and Conditions

The Round-the-Fountain Race will only take place weather and conditions permitting

The Round-the-Fountain race is optionally for teams but is a great challenge that takes 15 -20 minutes of hard out paddling. 

Please take care of all the facilities, no glass at Frank Kitts Park 

First Aid, and Lost Property are located at Crew Loading

All teams are responsible for gathering their own race times from the timers.

There will not be progressive racing, but instead this is your chance for some race experience and to gather you own intellectual property for the big Festival later in March.

No lanes are marked out for the Harbour Fun Day, but please keep on course and stop your boat if you are in danger of hitting another boat